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This is the second e-book trailer we produced for Dutch thriller author Charles Den Tex. This one promotes his brand-new thriller De Erfgenaam (The Heir). With upcoming illustrator Jasper Rietman, we created a unique book trailer that uses the parallax scrolling technique in an innovative way. (In Dutch and English) More

If, like us, you're curious about the notion of video games as art, then you should definitely try our "author game" Sollmann (Mac/PC). Based on the intricate pencil drawings of renowned artist Marcel van Eeden, Sollmann challenges preconceived notions of the traditional game avatar. "Sollmann" was developed and presented in 2010-2012 as part of a game research project in collab with Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. More

The new 2Pause looks almost exactly the same, but the architecture behind the site has had a complete makeover. What's new: 1) Interviews & Articles! 2) Improved Playlist! 3) Categories! ...seriously, the Interactive category is a whole reason of its own for visiting 2Pause. 4) Flash is out, Wordpress is in, so 2Pause now works on all platforms. More

At the upcoming first edition of a new series of events in collab with the glimmering new EYE Film Institute, we'll be tuning in to the rise and rise of psychedelic visuals in recent music videos. An extremely noteworthy trend, that has more to do with tech tool explosions, mash-up creativity, and fractal code frenzies than with the mind-altering trippings of yesteryear. Warning: Eyeballs will Bleed! More infos: More

You will find the answer to that question in our new video profile of filmmaker Brent Hoff and artist Alexander Reben of the "Robots in Residence" project. Also worth a look are our latest two DDFA profiles of prominent Dutch designers - with the team behind De Designpolitie, and interactive designer extraordinaire Daan Roosegaarde, who’ll surely amaze you. Or watch our super entertaining interview with the music video director duo the Daniels, for some… ehmm… killer dance moves! More

2012 was a memorable year for projection mappings. Our editor Katy Yudin picked five super awesome ones, taking you all the way from NYC to Sydney, with Europe squeezed in between. And did you know that we're not the only ones doing video profiles? Check the Top 5 of our fav Artist Profile Series, if you crave creative inspiration. More

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