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Third in the series of 4 animated book trailers for Dutch best-selling thriller author Charles den Tex is made by up-and-coming animator Aimee de Jongh. Together with Sub's in-house, dev wiz Aimee created the most atmospheric trailer in the book trailer series yet, pushing the so called Skrollr technique to its limits. In English and Dutch. More

Germany's most prolific title designer, Darius Ghanai designed over 50 Main Titles and posters for acclaimed European films such as Good Bye Lenin!, Perfume and films by Wim Wenders. We visited Darius in his studio in Berlin Mitte, where we talked titles surrounded by art, design and.. Elvis.. An original perspective on the title design practice in Europe: More

Interactivity is the new black in the incredibly vibrant world of music videos, according to our 2Pause editors. Read our li'l interview with Roel Wouters of Dutch design studio Moniker, about their ‘Do Not Touch’ interactive music video. For a more general overview of recent noteworthy interactive music videos, read 'Interactivity Spreads' in the new Stories section of 2Pause: More

Based on Steven Poole’s intriguing book of the same name, 'Unspeak – Words Are Weapons' is our upcoming interactive documentary that reveals the unspoken messages behind familiar media terms such as War on Terror, Climate Change, Erectile Dysfunction, and Kopvoddentax. Our next event in EYE, Amsterdam is dedicated to the Unspeak iDoc. What to expect? A preview of the 6 short mash-up films, a live column by Mr. Poole himself, a demo of the Unspeak web app (designed by Catalogtree), a video item with spin doctor Kay van der Linde, and more. Moderated by Chris Keulemans. Info & Tickets: More

Product designer Joris Laarman is one of the key figures in the current wave of designers exploring the soft spot where cutting-edge technology and plain old beauty converge. Great insights in robotics, nano technology and digital techniques in this brand-new Dutch Profile: More

Lagos Wide & Close was the first interactive documentary of its kind. Released on DVD in 2005, this beautiful iDoc enables users to switch between wide and close perspectives and stories of the city of Lagos, and explore its layered fabric. Almost a decade later, the project has not lost any of its appeal, so we decided to release a web version of the project. Expected release: this summer! More

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