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Stoked about today's release of our much-anticipated new interactive documentary UNSPEAK, which investigates the manipulative power of language across a series of short mash-up films (directed by the likes of Jennifer Abbott (The Corporation) and Rob Schröder (Ouwehoeren), and others), data viz, and a participatory Unspeak dictionary. Things won’t ever be the same again. Because once you tune in to Unspeak you’ll start seeing and hearing it everywhere! Experience it here: More

Join us for a very special screening program where we will be looking at some of the very best (and a couple of hysterically funny bad) examples of the book trailer phenomenon. Book trailers could become as fundamental to the publishing industry as movie trailers are to the film industry. More

We’ve come to appreciate the space of Chrome Experiments. In a day and age when the browser is more than just a browser, it is playing a role in redefining the extent of what interactive storytelling and film experiences can be on the web. This month, we sifted through a range Chrome experiments and present you with our pick of Top 5 film and video-related ones. More

Jonathan Harris is probably the world's most famous Internet artist, known for using computer science and statistics to tell beautiful stories that reflect on human society -- think We Feel Fine, The Whale Hunt, and Cowbird. We recently caught up with Jonathan at the WebDox conference, where he takes us through his newly launched project I Love Your Work, and beyond... More

“Sex sells” but when mash-ed up with an awesome story, things blow out of proportion! Still half a year to go, but Megaforce's 'Dancing Anymore' promo for Is Tropical is our strongest candidate yet for the title of 'music video of the year'! And not ust because it offers a brilliant insight into the testosterone-drenched mind of a 16-year old boy... More

Watch the Titles updates with the atmospheric Main Title and a behind-the-scenes look at History Channel's drama series VIKINGS + we interviewed The Mill's creative dir. Rama Allen (known for the much lauded True Blood titles). And we did an extensive feature on the typographic title sequence for the HBO doc MANHUNT. Typographer Manija Emran takes us through the process and explains why this was a very personal project for her. More

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