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We caught up with video game designer and animator Rex Crowle – better known to some under his alias Rexbox - ahead of the release of Tearaway, a new game for the Playstation Vita that he’s developed with Media Molecule (the creators of LittleBigPlanet, on which Rex also worked). Speaking at Amsterdam’s Playgrounds Festival 2013, he talks to us about how, as a graphic designer, he first fell in love with gaming and describes his innovative approach to animation and video game design. More

One of the most fun and catchy (in an artistically appropriate way, mind you) recent music videos to catch our eye was ‘Barkie’, a song from the new album of Dutch electronic four-piece De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig. Directed by Opslaan Als Productions together with visual artist Thomas de Rijk, the 3D animated characters seem to come straight out of a video game. Where have we seen that before? We asked Thomas de Rijk to rank and rate Barkie and its crappy animated brothers and sisters. More

We’ve all seen music videos produced in a documentary style but ‘Hidden Wounds’ is a whole new experience. Made by director Tomas Kaan and creative producer Arnold van Bruggen, it’s inspired by a dEUS song of the same name and it manages to creep under your skin like nothing else. We spoke to Tomas Kaan about the magic behind the story. More

When the New York Times launched their multimedia, interactive Snow Fall piece last year it was didn’t take long for it to go viral leading many to hail it ‘’as the future of journalism’’. We see how this long-form style of journalism has evolved in the last 12 months and pick out our favorite examples of multimedia, immersive storytelling. More

On Facebook, Twitter and in the Cloud, content is King but Unspeak is the Emperor. Anti-Social Media is the fourth episode of Unspeak and takes a look at the hackers and giant media conglomerates that are using language to hide their true intentions. Unspeak is our latest interactive documentary that reveals the unspoken messages behind familiar media terms. On unspeak.tv you will find the 3 components of the project: 1) 5 short mash-up videos by 5 directors. 2) A participatory Unspeak dictionary. 3) Data-visualization tools that show how Unspeak spreads across social media. More

Joining forces for the third time, Submarine Channel was more than proud to team up with Playgrounds Festival for a full day of exciting Motion Design events and talks from some of the most prodigious talents in animation, visual effects, animatronics and motion design. With talks from Julia Pott, Polynoid, BUF, Rex Crowle, Pixar, Moniker, Field.io, Neal Hoegen and more, you can check out our report of the day including an exclusive look at the entire 3 day Playgrounds Festival. More

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