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Extremely proud to announce that our latest interactive documentary project, LAST HIJACK INTERACTIVE, will have its world premiere on March 11th at the amazing SXSW Festival in Austin. LAST HIJACK takes you on a journey into the world of a Somali Pirate -Mohamed- and explores how and why he came to live such a brutal and dangerous existence. Animated re-enactments explore his memories, dreams and fears while raw footage portrays the harsh and complex reality of Mohamed's everyday life. Co-director Tommy Pallotta will be at SXSW to present Submarine Channel’s latest transmedia project. Read more: More

LAST HIJACK INTERACTIVE (above) is the interactive companion project to the partly-animated documentary feature LAST HIJACK. Directed by Submarine founder Femke Wolting (Another Perfect World) and Tommy Palotta (A Scanner Darkly, Collapsus) opened the Panorama Dokumente program at this year’s prestigious Berlinale Film Festival. You can find the full trailer and more information at Submarine Channel. More

Heavily gendered music videos are boring. The music videos in the boy/girl department that really stand out are coming from directors who are not afraid to mix it up a little and make a brave statement about gender. Though simple and low-budget, THE KNIFEs ‘A Tooth for an Eye might be the strongest one ever. More

In today’s digital world, storytelling and technology have become linked more than ever. In this edition of our Top 5, we take a look at the best web-based tools and apps that help you tell your stories with the help of multimedia and interactivity. More

Canadian photographer ALEXI HOBBS tells how an intimate story like a hunting trip with his grandpa turned into a gorgeous NFB produced interactive documentary. We take a closer look at how this deeply personal story became an international I-Doc. More

RICHARD HUTTEN started his own design studio in 1991. He is well known for what he refers to as ‘No sign of design’ furniture: functional furniture in a highly conceptual and humorous style. For Dutch Profiles, we take a look at his design philosophy. More

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