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Our web doc on the impact of FIFA World Cup has gotten a major upgrade. Besides a new design, we added two new chapters about the World Cups in Leipzig and Jo'burg. Mixing audio and written stories with compelling street photography and Google Street View, Who Are the Champions? offers an intriguing insight into the effects of three FIFA events on the lives of the locals. Who are the real winners of the World Cup? More

''I wanted to see footballers like Robin van Persie and Arjen Robben, but the guards at the gate told us that we were from a bad neighbourhood and there was nothing there for us. All the jobs went to boys from other areas. We didn’t get a look in,” recounts Urbain Tshikote, a system admin from Jo'burg. He's one of the 12 people with a story about the 2010 Word Cup. Listen to gripping stories from Zakes, Ethel, Mpumi, Michell, Atef, and others: More

“There were flags on cars and on stadions, it was ok to be proud, to be a german. That was taboo for a long time” says Lutz Mende – one of the people we spoke to about the World Cup of 2006 in Leipzig, Germany. How did other Germans experienced the FIFA event? More

Chuffed! Monday night we picked up a Digital Emmy Award at MipTV in Cannes, France, for Last Hijack Interactive. We were nominated in the Non Fiction category. Congrats to directors Femke Wolting and Tommy Pallotta, interactive director Mirka Duijn and the entire team. Big thanks to our partners, co-producers, and the funding bodies who made it possible. More

Wouldn't the Emmy For Last Hijack sit nicely next to a Webby? Help us by voting for Refugee Republic in the Webby's People's Choice Award. Good for extra karma. Refugee Republic is an idoc about everyday life in a Syrian refugee camp in northern Iraq. The project brings to life its people and places in a multidimensional mix of sound, drawings by Jan Rothuizen, photo and film. More

Ever since the Great Music Video Renaissance of the late 1990’s, we have been celebrating our love affair with the music video in our project 2Pause. But as amazing a journey as it was, we have reached the point where we feel it’s time for a new adventure. Watch our short farewell video featuring some of our favorite moments from 13 years of music video curating and reporting: More

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